In the Beginning

The early seeds of Ben’s Texas Gourmet Market™ really began when a young Army Private from the rural South volunteered to serve in the military kitchens in Europe during World War II. That one simple act led Ben’s grandfather, Robert Ross, from preparing meals for the Allied troops during the D-Day Invasion to a lifetime of serving countless meals in kitchens across America. When once asked why he had chosen to be a cook, he said, “Simple, I was cold. And I knew that in a kitchen I would always be warm and have plenty to eat.” Little did he know that he had set in motion a food legacy that would live on through the coming generations of his own family.

Deep Country Roots

Ben’s earliest and favorite family memories centered around his grandparent’s country home place in rural North Louisiana. There, he played in the fields, fished, heard unending laughter, celebrated his favorite holidays; but, mostly, Ben watched the finest meals in the world being prepared before his very eyes. He watched how flour, meal and spices were delicately mixed with basic seasonings to produce smells and textures that he can still recall to this very day. Summer vegetables were selected at their peak freshness from the garden and brought in wooden baskets through that creaky screened backdoor and straight to the kitchen. Literally within hours, an American feast was served.

A New Generation

While the other kids in the neighborhood watched cartoons or played baseball, Ben watched the afternoon cooking shows. Each week, his family was subjected to his latest twist on what he had seen on television that week. The family grocery list regularly included foods, complete with special seasonings, which Ben needed for his latest experiments. Some said that it was just a phase, but, obviously, he has never grown out of it. Ben learned early that one of the ways you show love and appreciation to someone is to cook for them. He’s been cooking ever since.

The Legacy Continues

Ben was laid off from the oil and gas industry in 2013 and in his own words, “The only other thing I knew how to do was cook.” And so, Ben’s Texas Gourmet Market™ was born in 2014. Ben bought a tent, canning supplies, and began replicating the home-style recipes and flavors that he recalled from those early years in his grandparent’s kitchen. He immediately helped to start a local Farmer’s Market in Friendswood, Texas, where he continues to sell out of his handcrafted pickles, rubs and sauces.

Open for Business

In 2015, unable to keep up with the demand, Ben began producing his popular and unique home-style recipes commercially for sale in stores, cafes, coffee shops and fine restaurants. Today, Ben continues to add his own unique flair to an old family tradition which began generations earlier when a young Army Private from the South volunteered to be a cook.

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